Who is Madonna? After the release of “Like A Virgin,” she got sucked-in a negative cover story in Rolling Stone Magazine. Then a year later, her video of “Papa Don’t Preach” lured the wrath of religious group. But she stayed strong and walked through all catastrophes in every turn of her career. 

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Her prescience of style has expressed in everything she does, which impressions imprinted in our consciousness passionately that changed the way we behave, in result, it shifted her into one of the most important trendsetter both in fashion and music. Not to mention her constant boundary pushing and sexual referencing has widen the view of sexuality ,that is to introduce a co-exist beauty found in both masculinity and femininity which have been transformed by the way she expressed.


The classic example of being a trendsetter would be explained by “Express Yourself,” that Madonna actually faxed her “ridiculous little drawings with a note saying, ‘Are you interested?’,” to one of the hottest designers of the time, Jean Paul Gaultier (who was exploring male and female in his work at the time) to design her look for the tour and stuff. Then the trend of underwear as outwear began (the cone bra starts it all).


Remembered the released of “Justify My Love” was banned on MTV for obscenity in the 90s? It turned out to be the biggest–selling video of its type! It is still being referenced in todays Beyoncé’s “Haunted” music video.

Despite Madonna seemed absent for aaaawhile, since the raise of Lady Gaga. But Madonna is “still” being Madonna that she proves herself still stay relevant in the present (dressed in leather buckled corset and with dragons on her shoulders, portrayed Khaleesi from Game of Thrones, Imma huge fan of). Go to her Instagram and there-you-go, photo with attitude that makes an impression, one after another. Madonna is 56 of age (ouch), but when you see her, age does not matter. It’s because (to me) she is a star, a trendsetter, an icon, and a muse and an inspiration to many. This is, Madonna.